Accidents can happen in lots of different places; on the road, in a public place, playing sport or in the most social, domestic or private settings.

The general rule is that if you can show you have been injured in an accident that is someone else’s fault, and it could have been avoided, then you may have a claim.

Some examples that we have not already covered elsewhere on this site include:

  • Sporting Injuries
  • Injuries Caused by Animals
  • Defective Products / Faulty Goods

Sporting Injuries

These things perhaps happen in a gym or a health club, or even during contact sports due to reckless or deliberate foul play or bad refereeing. Whether the injury is caused because the premises or equipment are defective, or because the activity you are participating in is not properly supervised, you may have a claim.

Injuries Caused by Animals

If you have been injured by an animal, there are various circumstances in which the law enables you to claim compensation. For example, if you have been bitten by a dangerous dog, injured by a horse or injured by farm animals that have escaped, if it is not your fault, you may have a claim.

Defective Products / Faulty Goods

If you have bought something that results in you sustaining an injury, even though you have used the product or piece of equipment properly, then you may have a claim. It could be anything from a simple cosmetic to DIY equipment or even a piece of furniture. As a consumer, the law protects you and allows you to be compensated.

Even if you have not been injured, you may be entitled to recover damages if the product or service you have purchased is defective.

In all cases involving demonstrable accidents that are someone else’s fault, it is essential to seek advice from a trusted legal claims specialist.

This is why Attwaters Jameson Hill’s Personal Injury solicitors are here.

We pledge to provide every client with outstanding personal service and communication, unrivalled industry knowledge and a proven track record of successfully achieving compensation for clients who have been involved in accidents that are someone else’s fault.

If you have been injured, whether from a minor accident or an accident resulting in a serious injury, our versatile Personal Injury team will ensure that you receive proper compensation and get the right kind of help to enable you to recover as fully as possible.

Whenever possible we will seek to obtain an interim payment from the responsible party’s insurers to assist with any financial hardship you have been caused and to pay for treatment privately.

If you have a strong case, please don’t delay. Call us now for free specialist advice and no win no fee representation.

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