Occupational Deafness is usually caused by the repeated exposure to excessive levels of noise at work. It can occur over a span of many years, it can occur suddenly or it can also be caused by a one-time exposure to a very loud noise.

Excessive levels of noise and long periods of noise can cause permanent hearing damage and may also cause tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing noise in the ear).

Employers should have been aware of the danger of exposing their employees to excessive noise since regulations first dating from 1963. Regulations include all reasonable steps to reduce and protect employees from workplace noise levels.

Statistics show that as many as one million UK employees may still be subjected to excessive noise levels. Exposure to noise levels above 85db can be hazardous, even if only for a short period. The higher the level of noise and the longer the period of exposure, the greater the risk that damage is to be caused and the more severe that damage would be.

You do not have to have directly operated machinery for hearing to sustain damage. Many of Attwaters Jameson Hill’s successful claimants have sustained noise induced hearing loss simply from working within a noisy workplace.

If you have had to shout to make yourself heard at work, or you start to notice that sounds become distorted or muffled, or that you find speech difficult to understand in group situations, your hearing may have been damaged, in which case your GP may refer you to an ear, nose and throat specialist who can perform a hearing test.

The initial audiogram is an extremely important part of proving that hearing loss exists and to what extent. If you then think that any hearing loss has been caused by excessive amounts of noise at work, you should contact a trusted legal claims specialist without delay.

This is why Attwaters Jameson Hill’s Personal Injury solicitors are here.

We pledge to provide every client with outstanding personal service and communication, unrivalled industry knowledge and a proven track record of successfully achieving compensation for clients who have made occupational deafness, noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus claims.

Firstly, Attwater Jameson Hill’s experienced occupational deafness specialists can tell you if you have a potential compensation claim against a current or former employer.

Then, because our renowned Personal Injury team has access to respected specialist medical experts across all fields, we can support medical investigations into your condition and obtain evidence of your past and possible future needs. This ensures that we claim for the highest level of compensation for the disability suffered.

We can also advise in relation to potential state benefits.

If you think you may have grounds for a claim involving occupational deafness, noise induced hearing loss or tinnitus, Attwaters Jameson Hill will offer you a jargon-free consultation and assessment free of charge. This includes home or hospital visits and out of hours appointments and help when it may be needed the most.

If you have a strong case, please don’t delay. Call us now for free specialist advice and NO WIN NO FEE representation.

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