Being unable to recover money you are owed can be frustrating, stressful and, of course, financially debilitating.

That is why Attwaters Jameson Hill operates a fixed-fee debt recovery scheme designed to support individuals in recouping unpaid invoices. Any undisputed invoice payable by a company in England and Wales is eligible for the scheme.

We are not a debt recovery firm; we are a team of dispute resolution specialists with knowledge and expertise required to give you the very best legal advice and achieve the outcome you are looking for.

From the initial Letter Before Action (LBA) to achieving a judgement and taking enforcement action, our scheme provides end-to-end support throughout the debt recovery process.

Our Service Pledge

We make a solemn promise to every client who passes through our door – whether the debt they are looking to recover is small or large. Our Service Pledge is our guarantee to you that we will be proactive, respond when we say we will, bring solutions to the table and always treat you politely, professionally and with respect.

We will work with you no matter where you are in the debt recovery process, whether you have just run into a debt recovery problem or are at a later stage in proceedings. Whatever happens, our mission is to ensure you get paid and can move on with your life.

The debt recovery process

Our Dispute Resolution team is here to help you through the whole debt recovery process, which usually proceeds as follows:

  1. Letter Before Action – a Letter Before Action (LBA) is sent to the debtor to demand payment, including any interest and fees that you may be owed. Many debtors do pay up at this stage of proceedings.
  2. Next steps – if the debtor does not pay you, or does not pay in full, then you must consider your next steps. Depending on the size of the debt, an expensive court case may not be in your best interests. In some cases, initiating bankruptcy proceedings straight away may be the best option for your circumstances. The LBA we issue your debtor at the beginning of the process will however be compliant with the court’s pre-action protocols, so we can move straight to litigation if this is the most suitable option.
  3. Court proceedings – our lawyers will draft and issue the court proceedings, setting out the details of your claim and the amount (including interest, costs and any other entitlements) you are seeking. The court will then usually serve them on the debtor.
  4. The judgment – the debtor has 14 days to respond to the court proceedings. Unless they dispute the debt or pay up, the court will usually hand down a judgment against them.
  5. Enforcement – the sanctions for failing to pay the debt within a month of the judgment being handed down can be serious. It can have a serious impact on the debtor’s credit rating, so we usually find that most outstanding debts will be paid at this point. Should this not be the case, we can advise you on the enforcement options available to you.

What we charge

Letter Before Action (LBA) – £40

Court Proceeding

We charge a fixed fee that is dependent on the value of the debt (inclusive of interest and other charges), as follows:

Amount Court Fee Our Fee Total Cost
Less than £300 £35 £50 £85
£300 – £500 £50 £50 £100
£500 – £1,000 £70 £70 £140
£1,000 – £1,500 £80 £80 £160
£1,500 – £3,000 £115 £80 £195
£3,000 – £5,000 £205 £80 £285
£5,000 – £10,000 £455 £100 £555
£10,000 – £200,000 5% of claim value £100 £600 – £10,000
More than £200,000 £10,000 £100 £10,100


Amount Our Fee
Up to £1,000 £50
£1,000 – £5,000 £150
More than £5,000 £250


Enforcement Action Court Fee Our Fee Total Cost
Charging Order or Third Party Debt Order (no hearing) £131 £200 £331
Charging Order or Third Party Debt Order (with hearing) £131 £400 £531
Attachment of Earnings Order £131 £65 £196
County Court Warrant of Control Against Goods £91 £60 £151
High Court Writ £78 to issue
£75 if abortive
£120 £195 – £198
Order to Obtain Information £65 to issue
£196 to serve
£100 £165 – £296

Please note that all above costs are subject to VAT at 20%.
For more information on our charges, please read our Terms and Conditions here.


The time required to complete each stage of the debt recovery process is variable as it mostly depends on the courts and their speed in dealing with your matter.

However, we have set out time estimates for each step in the below table to give you an idea of how long things should be taking.

Action Timescale
Response to LBA 30 days
Issuing and serving court proceedings 14 days
Applying for judgment 14 days from service; 28 days if the debtor files acknowledgement of service
Obtaining judgment from the courts 14 days
Enforcement action (where necessary) 4-12 weeks depending on course of action

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