Losing a loved one is a very difficult experience for anyone to go through, but it can be especially hard if you feel the deceased has not provided for you as expected in their Will.

At Attwaters Jameson Hill, our efficient, yet sensitive, Dispute Resolution team has intimate first-hand experience of representing claimants who believe they have not received the inheritance to which they believed they were entitled, as well as defendant executors who, as trustees of the deceased’s Estate, are responsible for acting in the best interests of the Will’s beneficiaries.

Where significant wealth and assets are involved, however, matters can become infinitely more complex. As specialist private wealth lawyers, many of the contentious probate cases we deal with involve multiple properties, overseas assets and complex trust structures, while emotions can run high for beneficiaries who feel they have lost out on significant wealth.

That is why Attwaters Jameson Hill’s Dispute Resolution team is here.

Our solicitors are well placed to deal with your case sensitively and fairly, all while carefully balancing the needs of the concerned parties.

We pledge to provide every client with outstanding personal service and excellent communication, and strive to deliver a positive outcome in every case we undertake. Our clients place their trust in us due to our unrivalled industry knowledge and a proven track record of successfully settling Will and probate disputes.

There are numerous reasons for which Will disputes and challenges may arise. These include:

  • Claims that the deceased promised to, or should have made additional provision for the client
  • The deceased did not have legal mental capacity when they made the Will
  • Someone unduly influenced the deceased into making the Will
  • Correct legal formalities were not observed when signing the Will
  • There are factual errors in the Will
  • The Will has been lost
  • Disputes with or between the Will’s executors

For further insight into Inheritance Claims and disputing or contesting a Will, we have prepared some easily downloadable information for clients. Please click here to read the ‘AJH Guide to Inheritance Claims’ and the ‘AJH Guide to Contesting a Will’.

If you believe you have a legitimate reason for contesting a Will or Grant of Probate, or if you are the Executor or personal representative of an Estate under challenge, then obtaining clear, high quality legal advice from specialist solicitors is essential. By instructing us, you will ensure that the correct issues are identified, the costs of litigation are weighed up against the likely results, and the best course of action is recommended.

Our expert dispute resolution Partner, Leanne Philp, will be only too happy to guide you through the process. If you would like to find out if you have a claim, or need to defend a claim against an Estate, then please contact our New Enquiries Team by email or call them on 0203 871 0110 to make a fixed-fee appointment.



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