What a patient needs to know about clinical negligence

Formerly called medical negligence, clinical negligence is the court process a patient must follow in order to seek financial compensation from their medical attendants. It is important to note that, if a claimant is successful in proving negligence, any recompense will be purely financial. Proof mu....

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Fast-food firm facing potential lawsuit

A 44-year-old mother of three has announced that she is considering filing a lawsuit against McDonald's, the fast-food giant, after suffering permanent scarring on her leg from a cup of tea. The woman had purchased food and drinks from a branch of the restaurant in Essex when the hot drink tipped an....

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Theatre Company prosecuted for fall that left worker paralysed

A stage manager suffered catastrophic injuries after plunging off a balcony in an incident that may have been foreseeable. The 38-year-old Australian woman had walked through an unmarked door and fell 3 metres off of a Juliet balcony, suffering severe spinal cord injury. She then spent 6 months in t....

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BBC under investigation after worker injured

A man in his 30s who was working for the BBC was found with severe injuries after falling 30 feet from a lighting grid at a film studio. The man was taken to St Mary's Hospital for specialist treatment after a doctor, an ambulance team and two rapid response vehicles assessed the workplace accident.....

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Men killed in balcony collapse in capital city

Six men were injured and two men died when a balcony collapsed in Cadogan Square as they were delivering a sofa to a first floor flat in Knightsbridge. One man died at the scene, and another died after being rushed to the hospital. It is thought that the two men were attempting to lift the furniture....

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Unqualified tree surgeon leaves co-worker in intensive care

An Essex tree surgeon has been ordered to pay costs and fines of nearly £11,000 for breaching health and safety regulations after a fall from a tree resulted in a colleague being admitted to intensive care. The 71-year-old landscape gardener fell four metres off a ladder holding a running cha....

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Investigation launched into dental practice

A dentist has been suspended and a police investigation launched after claims that a doctor endangered the lives of his patients by flouting safety standards. The Nottinghamshire dentist was suspended for 18 months after he was filmed by a whistleblower, allegedly failing to maintain health and safe....

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The facts about spinal cord injuries

Essex residents may know that symptoms of a spinal cord injury might include a partial or complete loss of sensory capability, motor control of the limbs or motor control of the body. The most severe injuries can also affect the regulation of bladder or bowel control, blood pressure, heart rate and ....

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Hospital staff reduce serious incidents through simulation course

A hospital team who reduced the number of serious incidents that happened in the Emergency Department by creating a simulation course has been named as a finalist in the 2014 NHS Innovation Awards. The team developed the course, which was implemented in January 2013, in order to address the proble....

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Union demands better safety aids after workers escape death

The general secretary for the union representing Rail, Maritime and Transport workers have said that a recent incident in which nine railworkers narrowly avoided death illustrates the dangers track workers on Britain's railways face on a daily basis. The workers did not receive any warning that a tr....

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Inappropriate cancer patient care forces hospital to apologise

An NHS trust has sent letters of apology to cancer patients who were harmed due to the care they received from a consultant surgeon. The trust suspended the urologist in December 2013 prior to an investigation that found that 27 patients who were being treated for bladder or prostate cancer had been....

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Family awarded 5-figure sum after lawsuit

The family of an 86-year-old great-grandmother who fell when a student nurse was trying to help her to the toilet have been awarded compensation for the hospital's failure to exhibit due care. The family was awarded a five-figure sum by the NHS Trust to compensate for their loss. While in the c....

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