Bicycle recall after safety concerns

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Product Liability on Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Approximately 1.5 million bicycles, produced by seventeen different manufacturers, have been recalled after safety concerns were raised following a number of accidents. The recall is focused around bicycles that use disc brakes with quick release cam levers. Cyclists in Essex can visit a website that has been set up for this purpose for more detailed information on the fault and to determine whether they may be affected by the recall.

The issue came to light after a number of accidents involving quick release disc brake bikes occurred in April this year. The cause was identified as the cam lever coming into contact with the disc rotor itself. When the release lever is properly closed there is no issue, but if left open, it can become hooked in the brake rotor and cause the wheel to instantly lock, posing a safety risk to the cyclist.

This type of quick release mechanism is used by a number of brands of bicycle manufacturer and seventeen companies are involved in the recall. Several other brands also equipped with this type of mechanism, however, have not issued a recall. Owners wishing to check that their bicycles are safe can employ a simple test using a pencil to ensure that their system is operating properly. When the quick release lever is fully open it should not be able to approach any closer to the disc rotor than 6mm, the width of a pencil.

Under product liability law, manufacturers are obliged to track safety issues that may affect their product and must take action if a problem has been detected. A solicitor experienced in this legal area may offer advice to a client who has suffered an injury due to a negligent manufacturer.

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