Surgeon accidentally removes man’s testicle

A consultant surgeon at a private hospital is under investigation after claims that he botched a procedure he carried out in July 2014 and then lied to cover up his mistake. The accusation, which may come as a concern to male patients in the Essex area, is that, instead of operating on the testicle,....

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Sick workers in Britain among the worst treated in Europe

A study comparing sick pay in the U.K to 16 European countries has shown that workers here are among the worst off. Essex employees may be aware that they are entitled to statutory sick pay if they fall ill, but the amount is a small fraction of the average monthly expenses for someone living in Bri....

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TUC fears the health and safety risks of leaving the E.U.

Leaving the European Union could lead to increased health and safety risks as worker protections could be eroded according to a report from the Trades Union Congress. The organisation released a report showing that 65 pieces of legislation have been implemented between 1997 and 2009 aimed at improvi....

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The ageing of the U.K. workforce

Because the age of the European workforce is rapidly advancing, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work recently launched a campaign called Healthy Workplaces for All Ages, and it might be of interest to Essex workers and their employers. Across Europe, 30 percent or more of the workforce ....

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NHS Direct admits fault in patient misdiagnosis

Essex residents who in the past have used NHS Direct Trust may be interested to hear that the organisation has admitted fault after a misdiagnosis incident in December 2011 that ended with a woman dying of cardiac arrest. Her widower said that he hopes that as result of this case, the mistakes tha....

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Worker survives 13 metre fall

According to the Health and Safety Executive, a man was lucky to be alive after falling 13 metres down a shaft at a building site in Leicester. Essex construction workers may be aware that there are specific guidelines in place for work that takes place at height. After the magistrate's court heard ....

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How to file a workers’ compensation claim

Injured Essex workers must complete six important steps in the pursuit of a workers' compensation claim. You may want to keep this checklist handy, just in case an injury ever occurs. First, you will need to report the incident and related injuries to your employer. Every workplace has an individ....

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Construction company admits to safety failure

A matter involving the death of a 35-year-old worker on an Essex construction site has moved closer to resolution as the construction company for which the man worked admitted to unsafe practices. At the time of the accident, the man was working together with a crane operator to move cages. Four cag....

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Doctor performs vasectomy by accident

Patients in Harlow may be concerned to learn that the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service which heard the case of a doctor who performed an incorrect surgery on a patient has decided that he is fit to continue to practice and has chosen not to remove him from the medical register. The docto....

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Woman dies after waiting 18 months for depression counselling

A young woman who died after falling from a bridge had been waiting for 18 months to receive an appointment for counselling for depression it was revealed. A former psychiatric nurse said that the woman's history had put her in a high risk category and that she should have been seen by a crisis te....

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Pill mix-up blamed for widow’s death

Those in Essex who depend on prescription medication may be interested to hear about a case in which an 86-year-old pensioner perished after taking the wrong pills. According to reports, the Inverness-shire woman was discovered unresponsive by her 65-year-old son in late 2013, and later investigatio....

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Medical staff lied after death of a 9-year-old boy

A 9-year-old boy died soon after being sent home from St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust Accident and Emergency department when a doctor misdiagnosed his condition. Patients in Essex hospitals who are concerned about a lack of transparency among NHS staff may be interested to hear that the Healt....

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