The most dangerous jobs in the United Kingdom

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Workers' Compensation on Sunday, October 18th, 2015

In spite of health and safety regulations aimed at providing a safe working environment, each year 140 people in the United Kingdom on average die in accidents at work. A report that highlights the most dangerous industries and jobs in the country may be of interest to those in Essex employed in those sectors. Construction is still the most dangerous industry with over 30 per cent of all fatalities occurring in these jobs. Also topping the dangerous sector list are the service industry, transport and agriculture.

The news goes against the common perception of the public who, in a survey, thought that the fire brigade and the armed forces would be the most dangerous professions. In fact, the most common workplace injuries are cuts and sprains, and the jobs with the highest incidence of workplace accidents are hairdressers and beauticians. Plumbers, electricians and police officers are also reported as occupations with a high incidence of injuries caused by incidents such as tripping, collisions and being assaulted while on duty.

The maximum period of time that a person is entitled to receive sick pay is 28 weeks, and with one in three injured people requiring surgery or other medical attention, income can becomes an issue. The head of an insurance company pointed to the fact that many of the victims of workplace accidents were the main provider of the household and that the families of those who had suffered a serious injury could face financial difficulties as a result.

When calculating the compensation for a workplace accident, a solicitor knowledgeable in cases involving worker injuries may take into consideration the loss of wages as well as the cost of medical treatment and long-term convalescent care. People who have been injured at work may wish to seek legal advice regarding their situations.

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