Major reforms for ‘outdated’ planning system

Sweeping reforms proposed by the housing secretary, Robert Jenrick, are set to revolutionise the planning landscape in a ‘once in a generation’ shakeup. He says the proposed changes will speed up the construction of much-needed new homes. Critics say they will simply create a ‘generation of s....

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Why do collaborative lawyers need specialist training?

Taking your case to court is not the only way to resolve your financial issues when getting a divorce. Especially when there are children involved, collaborative family law can help couples to come to an agreement in a calm, non-confrontational environment, which can help them remain on good terms ....

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How collaborative law can protect your children’s wellbeing

Divorce is extremely emotional and stressful for everybody involved. But for your children, it can be particularly tough. The dissolution of a marriage can be hard for adults to understand, let alone young children, who often experience feelings of shock, uncertainty, anger, and even guilt. If your....

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Landmark Court of Appeal decision welcomed by landlords

On 18 June 2020, the Court of Appeal handed down its long-awaited decision on the Trecarrell House Ltd v Rouncefield case, offering hope for landlords regarding the contentious issue of whether failing to provide a gas safety record to a tenant, before they take occupation of a property, prevents t....

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How making an LPA can save your loved ones time, money and stress

Many people believe that if a family member was unable to manage their affairs, they would automatically be allowed to step in and make decisions in their loved one’s place. Unfortunately, this is not the case. This misconception can mean that families are faced with time-consuming and expensive ....

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LPAs – a lifeline in uncertain times

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that unexpected events can have a serious and lasting impact on our lives. In particular, it has left thousands of people stranded at home and unable to manage their affairs. Yet, just 5% of specialist legal practitioners have seen a marked increase in clients ....

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Want your own home office? Don’t forget these planning considerations

The coronavirus pandemic has caused a seismic shift in the way we live and work in just a few short months. Many businesses have realised that they can successfully work from home, while some are even thinking of shutting their offices permanently and asking their staff to work remotely full time. ....

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Landlords, watch out for these legislative changes in 2020

Landlords, like most businesses and individuals across the country, have seen their income affected to various degrees by the current coronavirus pandemic. Many are experiencing cash flow problems as tenants struggle to make rental payments. However, landlords are also facing other changes this ....

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Why remortgage?

Remortgaging, or switching to a new mortgage deal with either your current lender or a new provider, can be perceived as a time-consuming and daunting process by some. However, investing some time in shopping around for the best mortgage deal has the potential to pay off to the tune of thousands of....

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What is Inheritance Tax and how can it be reduced?

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is a tax levied on the value of a deceased person’s estate. Any part of an estate that exceeds the £325,000 tax threshold (or Nil-Rate Band – NRB) is liable to IHT at 40%. Only a small percentage (4% to 5% of estates) are large enough to incur IHT, but as specialist pr....

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How to make a Will while social distancing

According to financial advisory organisation deVere Group, Will enquiries surged by 76% in the first few weeks of coronavirus lockdown[1]. Meanwhile, the Office of Public Guardian, which deals with the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), is also struggling with high demand. As the co....

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Coronavirus could see increase in Settlement Agreements

The coronavirus pandemic has brought entire industries to their knees and had a huge impact on the ability of businesses to pay their staff. Despite government assistance via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, there has been a surge in redundancies, which could in turn lead to a rise in claims f....

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