Some legal protections are automatic. For example, we are automatically protected against discrimination under the 2010 Equality Act – we do not need to meet with a solicitor and arrange documentation to protect ourselves. Others, however, are neither automatic nor mandatory – but they are equally important in protecting ourselves and those we love from adverse situations as we move through life.

This checklist is designed as a prompt to help you consider some of the key legal documents you should have on hand and the things you need to think about to give yourself and your loved ones every advantage in life.

You may think that these things only apply to older people, or maybe that you will never need them. Sadly, it is not until somebody we love dies without a Will or loses mental capacity that we truly understand the importance of planning for every legal eventuality.
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Drafting your Will

Have a Will professionally drafted in the presence of a solicitor
Have your Will redrafted by a solicitor as and when your circumstances change

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Ensuring your wishes are respected

Set up an LPA
Make a living Will
Record your wishes in an advance statement

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Protecting your interests

Draft a prenuptial agreement with your solicitor

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Sign a declaration of trust

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Think about a Cohabitation Agreement

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Keeping your assets safe for future generations

Explore the tax planning opportunities available to you
Consider a trust to hold your assets

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Safeguarding your business for the future

Plan for succession
Review your contracts and documentation

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Look after everything under one roof

Life is busy, with so many different priorities to juggle. We at Attwaters Jameson Hill understand this. As a full-service law firm, we can take care of all our clients’ legal needs under one roof.

Furthermore, all Attwaters clients have the opportunity to be a part of our Client Club – our all-encompassing legal service to help you take care of any legal need you may have, with a service that is second to none. As a member of the Client Club, we aim to proactively explore with you all the legal protections that can be put in place either for you or anyone in your immediate or extended family. Our ultimate aim is to ensure you have a Portfolio of legal documents that will give you protection against a wide range of adverse scenarios.

Get started on your legal protection journey by calling 0330 221 8855 or email us at enquiries@attwaters.co.uk.

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