Four figure damages award secured following negligent care and treatment in hospital. Patient’s deterioration was not escalated which led to her untimely death.


We secured a six figure damages award for an elderly man who suffered from an above-knee leg amputation as a result of poor care from district nurses who dressed his leg ulcer wound but failed to carry out ankle pressure measurements – a basic test that monitors blood flow. Had this been carried out it would have been clear that the patient was suffering from critical limb ischaemia and therefore he should have been referred to a vascular surgeon who would have been able to operate and save the leg. Sadly his condition was neglected leading to an above knee amputation. To compound matters he was not provided with adequate nursing care whilst in hospital at the time of his amputation and as a result suffered from painful pressure sores on his foot and sacrum. This is another sad example of poor care and neglect of the elderly. After initially denying liability the Defendants eventually admitted that the amputation and pressure ulcers were cause by negligent medical care. However sadly the client died before this full admission was provided by the Defendant. Had this admission been provided early then the client may have lived to see some benefit from his compensation and costly prolonged legal proceedings could have been avoided.


Attwaters Jameson Hill’s Medical Negligence team secured a five figure settlement for a client who was very badly treated following a miscarriage. Her dead foetus was flushed down the toilet contrary to her instructions and our client suffered a psychiatric injury as a result.

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