Sick workers in Britain among the worst treated in Europe

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Workers' Compensation on Friday, May 13th, 2016

A study comparing sick pay in the U.K to 16 European countries has shown that workers here are among the worst off. Essex employees may be aware that they are entitled to statutory sick pay if they fall ill, but the amount is a small fraction of the average monthly expenses for someone living in Britain. The study took place ahead of the upcoming June referendum that will see the U.K. voting to stay or leave the E.U. and could result in profound reforms.

Workers in countries such as Germany, Denmark and Austria receive a full monthly wage if they are unable to work for a month due to ill health. France, Spain and Italy pay their workers between 35 and 39 per cent of their monthly wage while in the U.K. the figure is 15 per cent. The research showed that only Ireland and Portugal paid out less than Britain. As a result of the low level of statutory sick pay, a large number of workers are forced to work while injured or ill as they cannot afford to take time off.

Safety concerns have been raised as a result of sick employees being at work. Over half of those working in construction and transport have gone to work instead of taking time off due to ill health or injuries. More than 20 per cent of construction workers receive no sick benefits at all, and this figure for those working in the performing arts is 94 per cent.

People who have been injured in a workplace accident through no fault of their own may be entitled to receive compensation from their employer. A solicitor who has extensive experience of successfully representing other clients through this process may be able to provide legal assistance towards securing compensation to meet the cost of rehabilitation and loss of earnings.

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