Representing workers injured by defective equipment

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Workplace Accidents on Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Employers in Essex have a responsibility to ensure that the work equipment being used at their job sites is safe. This means that they must provide suitable equipment for jobs and make sure that the it is functioning the way that it is supposed to. Workers who are required to use the equipment must also be adequately trained for their tasks, and employers must provide these workers with appropriate protective clothing.

If you have been injured after using tools or machinery at your workplace, you may have a case for seeking financial compensation. At our firm, we work with clients who have been injured while using tools, appliances and machinery. We also work with those who have suffered from injuries while using defective bicycles or vehicles that are required for their jobs.

Many accident-injury claims arise when a worker is injured after using a piece of equipment that was not fitted with a safety device. Employers must ensure that machines on the job site are outfitted with appropriate safety devices so that workers are not injured while they are cleaning, repairing or operating the machines.

You may have reason to file a claim against your employer even if you weren’t forced to take any time off from work because of your injury. With extensive experience in these types of issues, our solicitors are prepared to help you secure the compensation that you deserve and need for your workplace injuries. To learn more about the legal services that we offer, you are invited to visit our page on defective machinery or equipment accident claims which sets forth additional information on these matters.

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