What Divorce Day tells us about family life

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted on Monday, December 11th, 2017

The first working day after the Christmas and New Year break has come to be dubbed by the media as ‘Divorce Day’. This is the day when, as they remind us every year, more people call a Solicitor to talk about divorce issues than at any other time.

The reality behind the news headlines is, more often than not, a little more complicated than the press would have us believe. It’s not necessarily the Christmas festivities that have finally brought a couple’s relationship to breaking point. Spouses that approach us for help and guidance in January have often been contemplating ending their relationship for some considerable time. Many decide to hold off announcing their intentions to their close family and friends to avoid upsetting them during the festive period. Parents often agree to put their children first, and ensure they have as happy a time as possible over the Christmas period.

The New Year is universally a time for resolutions and fresh starts, and in the dark cold months of January and February, when the credit card bills roll in, everyone can feel at a low ebb. So, it’s hardly surprising that around this time couples feeling the strain often think about the future of their relationship, and decide to call it a day.

There’s also another peak in enquiries about divorce issues. This tends to be in September, around the end of the long school holidays. Parents have often been thrust together for long periods of time over the summer break, and disagreements over issues like money, parenting styles and how best to deal with children becoming bored over the summer break, can all quickly escalate into major flashpoints.

The advice we offer

When spouses approach us about divorce issues, our first response is to ask if there is any hope of reconciliation. In some instances, counselling is a good move that produces positive outcomes by raising and resolving contentious issues in the couple’s relationship.

However, if it’s clear that your relationship has broken down irretrievably, we’ll talk you through the divorce process and outline your options to you. We will advise you on the grounds for divorce, explain the procedure and assist you in all steps to decree absolute. For some people (perhaps for moral or religious reasons) divorce may not be the best option, in which case we’d advise you on obtaining a Separation Agreement or a Judicial Separation.

Divorce can be a time of stress and anxiety for all members of the family. So, if you need specialist advice from lawyers who offer a calm and sympathetic service, then please do get in contact. Whatever time of the year you get in touch, you’ll find our team approachable, helpful and supportive. You can call our Family Law team on 0330 221 8855, or use our contact form to make an enquiry.

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