Millions of car recalls cited as a positive action

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Product Liability on Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

The large number of recalls by car manufacturers has been cited as a positive development by members of the industry and demonstrates a proactive attitude towards consumer safety. Figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency show that, over the past five years, millions of cars have been recalled by their manufacturers to address potential flaws. Toyota drivers in Essex may know that this manufacturer has recalled more than a million vehicles since 2011.

Other companies that featured high in the list of recalled vehicles were Honda, Vauxhall and BMW. Recalls can be the result of investigations that may have been sparked by just a handful of reported faults. Speaking for Toyota, a spokesman said that they were a preventative action, and many recalls fixed issues that might never happen. Over 6 million vehicles were recalled over the past five years in the U.K., and he observed that, unless a manufacturer was making perfect, faultless cars, not issuing recalls could be a result of failing to investigate problems.

While it is not necessarily true that millions of potentially unsafe vehicles have been sold, some recalls are the result of serious defects. The ones that resulted from the faulty Takata airbags which were installed in vehicles produced by several companies as well as the jammed accelerators in some Toyotas were examples of recalls that were the result of a clear danger to the public. The DVSA agreed that the high numbers of recalls in the industry reflected its desire to fix potential problems before they become serious issues.

When car manufacturers issue a recall, they are obliged to inform the DVSA and to contact owners of the affected vehicles with information regarding the defect. A solicitor may provide legal advice regarding compensation claims if a person has not been informed of an automotive design defect and is injured as a result.

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