The facts about spinal cord injuries

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Essex residents may know that symptoms of a spinal cord injury might include a partial or complete loss of sensory capability, motor control of the limbs or motor control of the body. The most severe injuries can also affect the regulation of bladder or bowel control, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. Globally, the number of spinal cord injury victims is up to 500,000 people every year. Most of the injuries are due to preventable causes, such as violence, falls or road traffic accidents.

The most at-risk age groups for men are for those over 70-years-old and those aged between 20 and 29. The most at-risk age groups for women are those over 60-years of age and those between 15 and 19 years old. Studies have found that the ratio of male-to-female spinal cord injury sufferers is 2:1, if not higher. The estimated annual occurrence is between 40 and 80 cases per million of the populace. Nearly 90 percent of these cases are traumatic, although the proportion of non-traumatic injuries is on the increase.

People with spinal cord injuries are up to five times more susceptible to premature death. The risk of death for those having suffered a spinal injury is at its highest within the first twelve months and remains higher than that of the general population for the remainder of their life. The mortality risk can be significantly influenced by the timeliness of quality medical intervention and care, which includes any transfer method from the accident site to the hospital and the time it takes to be admitted.

Those who suffer spinal cord injuries due to the negligence of another could face long-term paralysis or nerve damage and could require long-term care. Someone who has suffered a spine injury might wish to work with a lawyer to pursue compensation to cover medical care and any time lost from work.

Source: World Health Organization, “Spinal cord injury,” Nov. 11, 2014

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