Monika Sargeant

Corporate, Company & Commercial & Employment

My Professional Background

I have been practising Civil Litigation, including Employment Law, for a number of years. I have now decided to use that knowledge to my clients’ advantage in commercial contract negotiations and change my practice area to Commercial and Corporate. However, I have retained my Employment Law clients and still represent both Employee and Employer in both contentious  and non-contentious matters.  I have successfully settled a number of disputes, therefore saving my clients money. I strive to deliver a service that is highly professional and tailored to my clients needs.

After taking A-Levels in Poland, I moved to Aberystwyth, on the Welsh coast to take my Law degree at the University of Wales. Upon completion, I moved to the liveliest city in the world, London, where I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, at the University of Law.

Attwaters Jameson Hill is a great place to be; the support and extensive expertise of my colleagues will definitely help me progress my career.


About me

I was born and brought up in Wroclaw, a beautiful city in Poland. I adore Portugal; the cuisine and wine! I am a great fan of Winter – I have been skiing since I was a toddler and nothing compares to the freedom of when you are on the slopes. I am petrified of spiders and snakes. If I had to choose a desert island companion, I would take my recently attained husband!

Awards and Accolades

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