Man receives £100,000 after faulty knee surgery

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted on Thursday, October 27th, 2016

A man has received £100,000 in compensation after a series of errors made by doctors operating on his knee left him with restricted mobility for the rest of his life.

The man was in hospital for knee replacement surgery. The surgeons failed to correctly align the prosthesis during the operation. However, they didn’t recognise this error when looking at an X-ray taken after the surgery.

The man was discharged but returned several months later with complaints of swelling around his knee. Doctors decided to undergo explorative surgery to try to identify the cause of the problem. They also performed a decompression of the peroneal nerve to lessen the man’s pain.

Months later the man was still suffering discomfort and sought a second opinion. He was told that the prosthesis was not correctly aligned in his knee, and the explorative surgery and decompression of his peroneal nerve had been unnecessary. He would need another operation immediately to prevent the problem worsening, but he would never recover fully.

The man took legal action against the hospital. He claimed medical staff had been negligent on four counts: failing to accurately align the prosthesis, failing to note from the post-operative X-ray that the prosthesis was misaligned, unnecessarily performing exploration and decompression of the peroneal nerve rather than arranging corrective revision surgery and inappropriately discharging him without considering further treatment.

The hospital admitted liability and agreed to an out-of-court settlement of £100,000. This was to compensate the man for the pain and trauma he had suffered as well as the limitations his condition put on him. He was unable to carry out several physical tasks around his home, such as DIY, and could no longer play golf to a high level which he had been able to do before.

Madeline Seibert said “How sad for this man to have had his mobility and capabilities limited because several errors were made in what should have been a straightforward treatment. The money he has received is vital to cover his expenses and loss of earnings throughout this ordeal, and to finance the amendments that he will have to make to his home and also his lifestyle.”

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Total Damages: £100,000 (£100,508.41 RPI)

Trial/settlement date: 29/4/2014

Type of Award: Out of Court Settlement

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