Medical negligence results in father’s death

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Medical Malpractice on Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

The death of a father of five following his surgery at River Hospital in Sawbridge was ruled by the court to be the result of medical negligence. His wife gave a written statement describing the close relationship he had with their children, especially with their youngest daughter who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The 51-year-old father from Roydon in Essex died one week after an operation on his spine that has been described as unnecessary.

Since his death, his wife has had difficulty caring for their youngest daughter on her own. She described her husband as an active father who did everything he could to ensure that the children were happy and cared for. While all the family is having difficulty accepting his loss, their youngest child has been the one most affected by his death. His wife said that she and her husband would work together to care for her and were able to include her in all family activities.

Her husband had suffered from back pain and sciatica for years and had undertaken the surgical procedure following the recommendation of a doctor he was referred to in 2010. But during the operation the doctor damaged a vein close to the spine and, instead of seeking immediate assistance from a specialist, elected to continue with the surgery. His patient suffered significant blood loss and underwent two amputation procedures before dying a week later.

A solicitor who is experienced in hospital negligence cases may advise a client that the details of a medical negligence claim are reviewed by a specialist to identify situations where medical staff have made mistakes. These may include preventable errors, misdiagnosis and the failure or a delay in referring a patient to a specialist.

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