Man left infertile after hospital failed to diagnose his illness

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A man has been awarded £1m compensation after doctors failed to recognise that a lump in his neck was cancerous.

As a result of the misdiagnosis, he is unable to have children, and will suffer with pain and discomfort in his feet and ankles for the rest of his life.

The man visited his GP in 2006 regarding a lump that had appeared on his neck. He was referred to the hospital for tests. He underwent a CT scan and the results indicated that the lump was caused by an underlying Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

However, the doctors concluded that he was suffering with tuberculosis. The treatment he received was incorrect and inappropriate to his needs. As a result he suffered severe side-effects including extreme muscle spasms, nausea, reduced liver function and temporary loss of colour vision.

It was not until a year after he first visited his GP that the correct diagnosis was made. By that time, his condition had worsened and he was unable to walk or feel his hands.

He then received a long series of treatments and the cancerous cells were successfully removed.

However, a great deal of long-term damage had already been done. He was left infertile and had limited mobility. It is highly likely that he will need a wheelchair in the future.

He had to leave his job as a prison officer and was unable to apply for the police force as he had planned. His home life has been severely affected by his illness. His mother had to become his primary carer, and he and his wife are now unable to start a family.

His ability to perform normal everyday tasks has also become limited. Anything that involves standing for more than a few minutes is impossible. Tasks such cooking, cleaning and gardening have to be done for him.

He sued the hospital for negligence in misdiagnosing the lump on his neck. Had the correct diagnosis been made, all his suffering could have been avoided.

The hospital admitted liability and an out-of-court-settlement of £1m was paid. This was to cover the costs of future care and assistance, and to compensate for the injuries he had suffered.

Sarah Wealeans said: “This man has had the rest of his life devastated as a result of one misdiagnosis. The compensation figure may sound a lot, but it will all be required to cover the costs of his future care, accommodation and everyday needs. We should also bear in mind the trauma he has gone through, and his quality of life which has been significantly reduced.”

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