Fast-food firm facing potential lawsuit

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Product Liability on Thursday, January 8th, 2015

A 44-year-old mother of three has announced that she is considering filing a lawsuit against McDonald’s, the fast-food giant, after suffering permanent scarring on her leg from a cup of tea. The woman had purchased food and drinks from a branch of the restaurant in Essex when the hot drink tipped and caused severe burns to her left thigh.

The woman claims that the lid on the tea was a too flimsy and that the liquid was too hot, and she claimed that the skin on her leg peeled off when she removed her trousers, leaving her with a large, L-shaped burn. She says that doctors have told her that the scarring is permanent and wants the firm to take responsibility for the injury.

The woman said that she was going to sit in the passenger seat of a car when she noticed that her drink was about to tip over in its takeaway holder. When reaching to correct it, the lid of the tea slipped off and the drink spilled on her. She said that she only knew the extent of the damage when she got to work and went to the toilet. She then sought medical treatment.

A defective product may cause consumer illness, consumer injury or could even cause a customer death. A potentially dangerous product may be subject to a product recall and due to the laws concerning product liability, a consumer who has suffered adverse effects from a defective product may be entitled to compensation.

Source: Express, “Mother scarred for life after being burnt by McDonald’s tea ‘with lid not properly fitted’“, Dion Dassanayake, Dec. 26, 2014

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