Collaborative family law is a new, non-confrontational approach to resolving issues following the breakdown of a relationship.

The collaborative process is based on honest, open negotiations. It allows separating couples to deal with issues in a mutually respectful and dignified manner. It allows you to retain control over the process without the uncertainty of a Court-imposed timetable and outcome.

How the collaborative law process works

Each party engages a trained, specialist collaborative lawyer. At the outset, the parties and the lawyers will enter into an agreement not to commence Court proceedings

The parties and their lawyers meet in a series of face-to-face, four-way discussions and, with the benefit of your Attwaters Jameson Hill collaborative lawyer by your side, work towards achieving a solution that is in your and your family’s best interests.

The process allows for experts, such as child specialists, accountants or financial advisers, to be brought into the meetings. The experts are there to advise both of you. Once an agreement has been reached the collaborative lawyers will present it to a Court for approval and for an Order to be made in the terms of that agreement.

Attwater Jameson Hill’s Joyti Henchie is a trained collaborative lawyer. She is a member of the Hertfordshire Family Collaborative Law Group.


Mediation can also help separating couples in achieving an agreement without contentious Court proceedings.

The mediation process allows involves both parties entering into discussions with one trained mediator. The mediator is not there to give legal advice to either party but is qualified to help you both to reach an agreement on children and financial issues.

Once an agreement is achieved through mediation, your solicitor will then present it to the Court for approval and an Order will be made.

If you wish to explore whether collaborative law or mediation could achieve the outcome you are looking for, Attwaters Jameson Hill’s Family Law team are here to advise you.

Our Chartered Legal Executive Advocate, Sarah Canfield, is a fully trained, expert Mediator and has an holistic approach to family and childcare issues, ensuring the best outcome for clients. She has been undertaking mediation regularly in family disputes since 2012 and is a member of Resolution and the Family Mediation Council. Read more about Family Mediation.

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