Eviction ban extended for a further two months

On behalf of Attwaters Jameson Hill posted in Dispute Resolution on Monday, June 15th, 2020

On 5 June, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick announced that the current ban on evicting tenants from both social and privately rented accommodation would be extended for a further two months. Originally due to end on 25 June, the ban was first put in place in March to protect vulnerable renters from eviction and potential homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic.

The extension has resulted in further amends to Part 55 of the Civil Procedure Rules. A new, temporary rule is to be inserted which states that possession and enforcement proceedings by way of a writ or a warrant for possession are to be stayed until 23August 2020.

The new rule, CPR 55.29, comes into force on 25June 2020, the date on which the current ban is due to come to an end.

The new rule will apply to proceedings that were stayed immediately prior to 25 June 2020 and/or proceedings that are brought between 25 June 2020 and 22 August 2020.

Easing the transition

Tenants in rent arrears are still facing having to repay the full amount owed once the moratorium comes to an end, after which they will once again be in the firing line and likely to face eviction.

Discussions could lead to dispute

While the majority of landlords are sympathetic and working hard to come to an agreement with tenants, widespread non-payment of rent is causing major financial difficulties for landlords, too. It is therefore likely that there will be an increase in eviction proceedings and other landlord-tenant disputes once the extended ban period has come to an end.

Resolving disputes in difficult times

We act for both landlords and tenants, and understand that both parties are experiencing unprecedented hardship and stress at the present time. Our Dispute Resolution solicitors will work to resolve disputes with a pragmatic approach. If you are concerned about eviction or any other landlord-tenant issue, please contact Prabhi Ghura on 0203 871 0017 or via email at prabhi.ghura@attwaters.co.uk.

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